Bou's Revenge


About Bou's Revenge

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Bou's Revenge is a horror game inspired by the famous game Pou. Your mission is to take care of Bou. But if you neglect to take care, things will gradually become more bizarre! You will undoubtedly experience a profound sense of surprise and terror.

How to play Bou's Revenge Online?

Just like in the original game, the player still has tasks like bathing, washing hair, and feeding. However, if you allow Bou to be unhappy, the story will turn into a terrifying journey. Bou will punish you with dire consequences. Strange music and annoying sound effects continuously play. Now the game is not about taking care of adorable pets, but it will transform into the scariest struggle for survival.

The game has many different endings. Each choice you make will determine Bou's fate and yours. Bou's Revenge: Does forgiveness or punishment await you?

Game controls:

  • WADS = Move
  • Mouse = To take actions

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