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About Death by AI

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Death by AI is a test of survival against an emotionless machine game. Embark on a thrilling survival journey in "Death by AI,"  where your fate is in the hands of artificial intelligence. With a series of AI-created situations, each is a difficult challenge for you.

How to play Death by AI

  • More than 50 survival scenarios are waiting for you.
  • Gather your squad to begin the battle.
  • Every choice you make needs to prioritize your survival.

Game features

  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Experience survival gameplay.
  • AI at the helm: Working with artificial intelligence will be more difficult than working with humans.
  • Strategic gameplay: Your decisions matter in a game where the AI's next move is always a mystery.

Death by AI” is not just a game but a fight between humans and an artificial intelligence machine. Are you ready to outsmart the AI and ensure your survival?

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