Titans Clicker


About Titans Clicker

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Titans Clicker is an epic idle clicker game where you click to defeat monstrous Titans. Click, click, click again and again. Use powerful attacks, gather legendary heroes, and collect mystical artifacts to aid in your battle.

How to play Titans Clicker

Titans Clicker has different titanium types, including Purple Dee, Delivery Drone Jr., Miss Tentaca, Dusty, and Reapers. Just touch the Titans to participate in combat, collect gold, and upgrade your weapons.

Trophies of the Titans Clicker

To receive diamonds, you need to follow the trophies table. You will receive a reward if:

  • Kill 100 Monsters: 15 Reward
  • Collect 10.000 Gold: 15 Reward
  • Reach Stage 15: 15 Reward
  • Collect 5 Relics: 15 Reward
  • Own 2 Artifacts: 15 Reward
  • Reach 1.00K Heros DPS: 15 Reward
  • Kill 10 Bosses: 15 Reward
  • Tap 100.000K Times: 15 Reward,...

In addition, the game has other features, such as a leaderboard and save. Titans Clicker is the ultimate tap battle. This game is quite popular, as it is suitable for all ages. Play this game for free, with no ads or sign-in required.

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