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Planet Clicker is a popular incremental game that allows players to build and manage their virtual planet. In this game, your main goal is to develop and expand the planet by clicking to collect resources and unlock various upgrades.

Planet Clicker was the first game to start a trend called "Green Games". Green games emphasize environmentally friendly themes and encourage players to make environmentally conscious decisions. The game offers green tasks related to energy sources, waste, and how to handle these issues. Players will gradually consciously invest in renewable energy sources and reduce environmental pollution.

Planet Clicker has simple gameplay. To collect resources and purchase upgrades and new features for the planet, simply tap or click on the screen. As players progress, they can unlock additional elements, such as new ecosystems, wildlife, and advanced technology, to enhance the planet's development.

Note: It is important to allocate resources strategically to maximize efficiency, invest in sustainable energy options to reduce environmental impact, and carefully balance economic growth with ecological conservation.

Planet Clicker truly delivers an engaging and educational gaming experience that raises environmental awareness. Try to play now!


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