Drive Mad Unblocked


About Drive Mad Unblocked

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Drive Mad is a game that will make you feel the thrill and challenge of driving a car on a track full of obstacles. You have to steer your car forward or backward by using the mouse or the keyboard. You have to collect numbers that can help you upgrade your car and skills. You have to avoid crashing into spikes, bombs, gaps, and other hazards that can end your run.


- With over 100 levels and many different themes and difficulties
- Each level has a target score that you have to reach to unlock the next one. At the end of each level, you can use your score to fire cannonballs at a giant monster that guards the island.
- You need to hit the monster enough times to defeat it and conquer the island.
- Amazing graphics, smooth controls, and different modes to suit your preference


Drive Mad is a game that will test your reflexes and your brain. The combination of action, puzzles, and fun is unique to Drive Mad games.

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