Ruby's Vitten Party


About Ruby's Vitten Party

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Ruby's Vitten Party is a new role-playing survival horror game launched at Itch. Your mission is to play the role of a guest trapped in a spooky mansion, discovering the dark secrets of the mansion. You must battle against otherworldly beings and strive to endure the night.

How to play Ruby's Vitten Party

Ruby's Vitten Party has attractive gameplay. Players will be immersed in a spooky scene, with an eerie atmosphere. The spooky Ruby mansion is home to many supernatural creatures. To stay alive, you need to focus on exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategic resource management.

Game controls:

  • W = Walk Forward
  • A = Walk Left
  • S = Walk Backwards
  • D = Walk Right
  • E = Interact
  • Shift = Run (Works When Necessary)
  • Mouse = Look Around

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