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Slope Legacy is another version of the classic Slope game. Your task is to drive a ball down a series of slopes, avoiding obstacles and chasms.

Slope Legacy has upgraded sound and visual effects to create a more vivid and attractive game world. Vivid sound, synchronized with each action phase, combined with significantly improved graphic effects, brings a unique surfing sensory experience.

Custom characters are one of the features that players particularly like in Slope Legacy. With a variety of choices in styles, colors, and accessories, players can create a unique character with a personal touch. This not only brings aesthetic appeal but also helps players feel more connected to their character during the experience.

What is the biggest difference between Slope and Slope Legacy?

The change in the structure and difficulty of the play screen is the biggest difference between Slope and Slope Legacy.

In the original Slope, players navigated through obstacles, avoiding collisions and going as far as possible. This is a fairly simple and accessible game experience.

However, Slope Legacy offers something significantly different in terms of architectural structure. Because they only move through obstacles, players must overcome more complex screens, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

Levels in Slope Legacy can include dangerous passages, unexpected stops, and other challenges, requiring players to improve their skills to overcome them constantly. This results in a much more challenging game experience than the original Slope.

In addition, Slope Legacy also adds character customization features, allowing players to create a unique "being." However, it is not necessary to fundamentally change the gameplay; this feature still plays an important role in increasing attraction and engaging players with the game. 

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