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Married in Red is a thrilling 2D role-playing game with horror gameplay. The game is set in Korea and tells the story of Bok-su Go when he visits his old college friend on her wedding day.

Key features of the Married in Red online game

- Married in Red combines a plot with visual novel elements.
- The plot has more than 3.5 thousand dialogues.
- And more than 30 GCs with 8 different maps

The backstory unfolds between the two primary characters. There is revenge, and there is guilt. The ending is what leaves the most haunting impression in the players' hearts. When Bok-su presents Da-jeong in a manner that mirrors Da-jeong's portrayal of Bok-su and his backstory, I may or may not be completely in love with Bok-su, and I may or may not be the number one apologist at LMAO, depending on the situation.

If you love games that are primarily story-based, then Married in Red is a great short game for you.


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