Healing Driver


About Healing Driver

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Healing Driver is a combined driving game, simulation game, and hospital management game. This game is an experience of the thrill and challenge of being an ambulance driver and a doctor.

You have to drive to the scene of accidents and rescue the injured people. You have to be careful not to crash or damage your ambulance, as it will affect your performance and score. Once you reach the hospital, you have to place the patients on the beds and diagnose their symptoms. You have to use the right tools and medicines to treat them and make them healthy again. You can earn money for each patient you heal and use it to upgrade your ambulance, hospital, staff, and yourself. Healing Driver is a game that will test your skills and your compassion.

How to play

In Driving
W/up arrow key/left mouse = Move ambulance
Drop it = Stop the ambulance.

In Hospital 
WASD, arrow keys, or drag the left mouse to move around.

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