About Backrooms

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Backrooms are one of the most famous horror games out there. In a large, sprawling warehouse, the frenzied monochromatic yellow of the walls, in the air the stench of damp old carpets, and occasional noises, are you sure you'll be okay to complete the task?

 Rooms are randomly segmented into more than 600 million square miles. The deeper you go, the more likely you are to lose your memory. So every 30 seconds, players need to check the clock to remind themselves who they are.

Backrooms have many levels for players to explore. The system has depth, and the crates appear and disappear randomly on each level. Keep an eye out for these supply bins, because from here you can find almond water, food, clothing, tarps, batteries, weaponry, and medical supplies there. 

You should bring a reliable light source, as lighting fixtures are prone to flickering and failure.

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