Basketball Legends 2020


About Basketball Legends 2020

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Basketball Legends 2020 is a basketball game for two players that is extremely interesting. Players choose a famous basketball player like Luka Doncic, James Harden, or LeBron James and start competing.

The goal that a player must complete is to make dunks. The first player to get three points will be the winner. Each player can freely slap and block the opponent to get the ball. Notice the super-shot bars at the top of the screen; when these bars are fully charged, you can use special throws.

Basketball Legends 2020 was created by MadPuffers. This game has attracted millions of players around the world. Join the discovery of this game now.

How to play

WASD / Arrows = Jump / Move,
XZV / KL = Throw / slap / dunk.

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