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Buckshot Roulette Online is a horror game produced by Mike Klubnika and was released on Steam on April 3, 2024. The game is available on Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.


Choose a trustworthy player to be the "dealer". This person will own hunting guns and artillery shells throughout the game. Others will act as "gamblers" and wait for their turn at the roulette table.

Two gamblers sit at the table. Flip a coin or vote to determine who is the wagerer. Wagerer is allowed to bet from 1 to 3 drops and then bet several points (1-3). During this time, the dealer is armed with a gun and points it at the player who made a non-wagering bet. At this point, there are two possibilities:

  • The shotgun fires at the bet gamblers. The gamblers lose ownership, and this right is transferred to the non-wagerer. 
  • The shotgun misfired and eliminated the person who wasn't a non-wagerer. This also resets the bettable reduction (e.g., if the non-bettor dies while betting 2 drops, the bet will reset to 1-3 drops).

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