Cat Clicker MLG


About Cat Clicker MLG

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Cat Clicker MLG is a hilarious and addictive game that combines the classic clicker game with the internet meme culture.

In this Cat Clicker MLG game, you have to click on a cat to earn money and buy upgrades. You can also unlock new cats, backgrounds, and sound effects. The game is full of references to popular memes, such as Doge, Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat, etc. To improve your performance in the Cat Clicker MLG game, you need to balance your clicking speed and your upgrade strategy. 

Tips and Tricks

- You can use different fingers or both hands to click on the cat faster and more effectively. 
- Use some tools or tricks to boost your clicking rates, such as mouse clicker software or a keyboard shortcut. However, these methods may be considered cheating by some players and websites, so use them at your own risk. 
- Another tip is to buy the upgrades wisely and optimize your income. You can choose from different types of upgrades, such as passive income, click multipliers, cat levels, etc. You should prioritize the upgrades that give you the most benefit for the least cost. You should also pay attention to the achievements and bonuses that can increase your money and unlock new features.

- Another way to enjoy the Cat Clicker MLG game is to customize your cat and your background. You can choose from different cat breeds, colors, accessories, and expressions. You can also change the background image and music to suit your mood and preferences. You can create your own unique cat and share it with your friends or other players online. 

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