Crap Attack


About Crap Attack

5 votes 4.7/5

Crap Attack is an extremely fun game. Take part in a date with a woman, a man, and tons of pooh. Your mission is to make the magic pill to fix the situation! Try to keep clean of the one who devoured you, and kill all the crap before time runs out. Let's quickly clean up the man's intestines.

Crap Attack has 2 game modes, Story Mode and Crap Hysteria Mode. You have to complete Story Mode to unlock Crap Hysteria Mode. This mode is really fascinating, it will surpass your expectations. The game has 7 levels and lots of crappy monsters. You only have 5 minutes for each level. The game has two endings with 2 different FMVs. Let's end the game without swearing!

How to play

WASD / Arrow keys = Move and Jump
Spacebar = Hit

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