1 votes 4.5/5 is a fast-paced game with a survival theme. When you think of dogs you often think of their cuteness, in this game it's the opposite. You get lost in the battle of wild dogs. And your goal is to survive and kill as many other dogs as possible.

Start the game with a spear. Defeat the other dogs cut them into pieces, be careful not to touch the other dog's weapons if you don't want to go to heaven. Eat everything you can see such as candy, donuts, other dishes,. Each battle you will get points, use it to buy new costumes for yourself, and buy powerful weapons.
 - Smooth graphics,  colorful visuals optimized/
- Allowed to set up a separate lobby, to play with a group of his best friends
- Fast-paced gameplay

Hold left mouse button = Speed up
Move the mouse cursor around = move around