Five Nights at Shreks Hotel


About Five Nights at Shreks Hotel

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Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel is the scariest horror game available today. Play as a guest who has to stay at Shrek's hotel. Your mission is to survive five nights here.

You know, Shrek is the one who runs the hotel, but he's not as friendly as he seems, and he has some sinister plans for you. Try to avoid his traps, puzzles, and attacks. You can also explore the hotel and discover its secrets, such as the back rooms and the donkey head mounted on top.

How to play

When ADS appears, press ESC and then click skip, and you can continue playing the game.
WASD or Arrow = walk
E = interact with any object
When you are close to any object, you can interact once by pressing E, then continue the dialogue by clicking the mouse to exit.

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