About Galaga

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Galaga is a game that rewards practice and persistence. Your mission is to shoot down enemy spaceships while avoiding their fire.

Tip and tricks

Know your enemies: There are several types of enemy spaceships in Galaga, each with its own unique attack patterns. Take some time to learn their movements and firing patterns so you can avoid their attacks and take them down more easily.

Use the double ship: If you manage to capture one of your own ships, you can use it as a second ship, doubling your firepower. This can be a huge advantage when facing tougher enemies.

Aim for the boss: Each level ends with a boss battle, and defeating the boss will earn you bonus points. Focus your fire on the boss as soon as it appears to take it down quickly.

Don't be afraid to use bombs: Bombs can be a lifesaver when you're surrounded by enemies or facing a particularly tough wave. Use them strategically to clear out groups of enemies and give yourself some breathing room.

Keep moving: Staying in one place is a surefire way to get hit by enemy fire. Keep your ship moving constantly to avoid incoming attacks and make it harder for enemies to target you.

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