Idle Zoo


About Idle Zoo

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Idle Zoo is an extremely fun idle clicker game. Your main task is to restore the old zoo, build the best environment for the animals. Let's start with the simplest task, which is to raise penguins. Taking care of and raising penguins will help you quickly earn money. When you have enough money, think about investing in other animals. There are many animals that you can invest in: crocodiles, elephants, zebras, monkeys, gazelles, flamingos, etc,.

How to play

Zoo upgrade

Click on the zoo entrance to upgrade the overall zoo. There are many options for you to increase your overall capacity and increase your revenue per minute. Conduct research, run ads, add babies, etc,.

Tips to make a lot of money
To be much money, spin the wheel of fortune every 5 minutes or click quickly anywhere in the park.

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