Pizza Tower


About Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is a fast-paced and hilarious 2D platformer inspired by the Wario Land series but with its own unique style and flavor. You play as Peppino, a pizza-loving chef who has to climb the mysterious Pizza Tower and collect all the toppings for his ultimate pizza.

Along the way, you will encounter enemies, traps, secrets, and bosses that will challenge your skills and reflexes. The game has hand-drawn animations and pixel art influenced by the cartoons from the '90s, as well as a catchy and energetic soundtrack that will keep you pumped up.

The game also has a lot of replay value, as you can explore different paths, find hidden items, and compete for high scores and achievements. Pizza Tower is a game that will make you laugh, scream, and crave pizza. It is a game that celebrates the joy of platforming and the madness of pizza

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