Short Life


About Short Life

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Short Life is an addictive game that gives players lots of thrill and excitement. Your goal in this game is not to die, control this rag-doll and funny doll to the end of each level, paying attention to the deadly traps, bombs, saws, spikes.

Different types of traps will cause harm beyond your imagination. Mines will blow your character to small pieces of blood! Spikes will tear your arms. This game is really cool and gore and it reminds me of Happy Wheels!

Collect as many stars, as they will help you unlock new characters, pay attention to the hints on the screen, they will save your life when needed.


- The game has more than 20 levels and the level design is really not uninspired.
- Many traps that are waiting for you
- Unlockable heroes
- 6 heroes and 25 killing weapons

How to play

Use arrow keys to control the hero.

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