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About Taylor Swift Heardle

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Taylor Swift Heardle is based on the popular Heardle game, which is a musical version of the Wordle game. The goal is to guess the title of a Taylor Swift song from a one-second clip in six tries or less.

The game starts with a one-second clip of a Taylor Swift song playing. You can use your keyboard or touch screen to type in your guess. You can also use the hint button to reveal the first letter of the song title, but this will cost you one try.

If you guess the song title correctly, you will see a green check mark and hear a cheering sound. You can also click on the song title to open the Soundcloud link and listen to the full song.

If you guess the song title incorrectly, you will see a red cross and hear a buzzer sound. The game will play another one-second clip of the same song, adding one more second each time until you guess correctly or run out of tries.

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