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Become a real teacher in the game "To Be A Teacher". To become the best teacher possible, you must complete the following tasks: 

1. Prepare lesson plans and materials: Before each class, you need to plan the lesson, review the materials, and make sure you have everything you need to teach.

2. Welcome the class: Start each class by greeting the students and setting the tone for the lesson.

3. Introduce the topic: Explain the topic of the day and provide an overview of what you’ll be covering.

4. Lead the discussion: Guide the class through the lesson by asking questions and encouraging discussion.

5. Assign tasks: Give students tasks to complete in class or for homework.

6. Monitor student progress: Keep an eye on how students are doing and provide help when needed.

7. Give feedback: Provide students with feedback on their work and progress.

8. Wrap up the lesson: Summarize the lesson and remind students of any tasks they need to complete.

9. Evaluate student performance: Assess how well students are doing and make adjustments to the lesson plan as needed.

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