1 votes 5/5 is a game that lets you explore, build, and fight in a Minecraft-like world with other players. You can start your adventure with one of the four characters: Martha, Oliver, Mike, and Rose. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can customize them with different outfits and accessories.

You can choose from three main game modes: a map of the world where you can roam freely and interact with other players; a survival mode where you have to gather resources and craft items to survive; and a battle mode where you have to fight against other players or teams.

How to play

  • Move =WASD / Arrow keys
  • Place block = Right mouse button
  • Mine / Attack = Left mouse button
  • Jump = Spacebar
  • X = Open inventory
  • G = Open home menu
  • M = View spawn points
  • O = Open shop
  • U = Open inventory
  • Open guide = I
  • Chat = Press enter then type!