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About X Trench Run

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X Trench Run is an arcade-style game. The game's goal is to navigate a spaceship through various obstacle-ridden trench environments while avoiding enemy ships and turrets. The player controls the spaceship by tapping on the screen to cause it to ascend and releasing it to descend. The spaceship is armed with a powerful laser beam, and tapping and holding the screen causes it to fire.

Here are some of the features of X Trench Run

Multiple levels: The game has multiple levels with varying difficulties that are unlocked after completing the previous levels.

Power-ups: There are power-ups that can be collected during gameplay, such as speed boosts and shield protection.

Shop: The player can purchase new spaceships, skins, effects, and power-ups from the in-game shop.

Facebook integration: The game has Facebook integration, allowing players to compete with friends and share their high scores. 

How to play

  • Tap on the screen to make the spaceship ascend, and release to let it descend.
  • Collect the power-ups and avoid the obstacles and enemy ships.
  • Aim at the enemy ships and turrets with the laser beam to destroy them.
  • Finish the level by making it to the other end of the trench alive.

X Trench Run is a fun and challenging game for anyone who enjoys arcade-style games, flying, and blasting enemies.

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